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Season starts September 11 & 12!

Roster Change form is now active. You may add/drop any player between now and Wednesday, Sept 27.  This is from the rulebook regarding roster changes:
1. All roster changes must be submitted in writing via our on line form on our website: no less than noon on the date of the start of a match to allow for ample time to process and approve/decline the request. Leaving a message does not qualify as a valid roster
• Roster changes may be made by the captain prior to the schedule being completed (this is BEFORE the season starts) without the approval of the League Executives. Please note: how a player is ranked will affect how your team is placed within the divisions.
• Roster changes requested by a captain prior to the start of week 3 (Between week 1 and week 3) match must have the approval of the league executives in writing prior to that player throwing in a match (see rule N.2)
• Roster changes requested after week 3 fall under the hardship guidelines (hardship - a team’s roster has fallen under 6 players in the Fall or Winter - 5 during the Summer season).
All hardship requests should be made no less than 24 hours prior to the next match. The hardship form needs to be completed on line on our website: If you do not hear back from the MCDL within 24 hours email [email protected]
2. A player may not be added to a team roster if that player has previously shot more than one division higher than the division being applied for (i.e. An “A” player may not shoot in “C”, a “B”
player may not shoot in “D”) unless that player didn’t belong in the higher division to begin with. Every effort will be made to allow players to throw where their skill level lies.
3. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES may a player be added to a team roster if he/she has already shot in any match with another team during/within the same season.
4. Qualifying players may be added, with approval, prior to the start of week three’s match. See rule D 1.

Let Your Darts

Soar With Us!

A Non Profit Dart League Supporting our local Community in the Greater Lawrence and Lowell regions in Massachusetts

What our players can expect from Mill City Dart League

Teams placing 1st in their division will be awarded a plaque to hang in their sponsoring establishment.

Players are recognized for their individual achievements throughout the season of play. Below is a list of recognized achievements:

    1. Regular Season Champion - Division
    2. Playoff Champion – Division
    3. Tons – Top Three – Division
    4. RO9 – Top Three – Division
    5. PPR (Points per Round) – Top Three – Division
    6. MPR (Marks per Round) – Top Three – Division
    7. High In/High Out – Division
    8. 180
    9. Hat Trick

All awards will be handed to players during Awards Night

Last 3 Seasons Finals Champions!! Winter 2023 Champions!!

A div - Kegler's Den - Punishers Captain Wayne Widtfeldt
B div - 7 Star Pizza - Flashes of Brilliance Captain Brandon Newcomb
Tuesday Lawrence:
A div - North Andover VFW - Tips To Trips Captain Andrew Giard
B div - British Club - Bad Intentions Captain Waffle Jamin Edwards
B2 div - Methuen American Legion - Flippin The Bull Captain Steven Bonfim
C div - Sons of Italy - FTN Captain Tim Frazier
Tuesday Lowell:
A div - 7 Star Pizza - Executioners Captain Dana Stairs
B div - Joker's Lounge - Shenanigans Captain Eric Ladebauche
C div - SportZone - Just The Tip Captain Tim Golden

Fall 2022 Champions!!


A Div - Portuguese American Club Stingers - Captain Peter Flores
B Div - British Club Berkeley - Captain John Verzi
C Div - Methuen American Legion Mind Games 101 - Captain Steven Bonfim


A Div - 7 Star Pizza & Restaurant Executioners - Captain Dana Stairs
B Div - TJ Callahan's Jekyll & Hyde - Captain Dan O'Brien
C Div - TJ Callahan's Hookas - Captain Nicole Charlton

Winter 2022 Champions!!


A Div - North Andover VFW Tips To Trips - Captain Andrew Giard
B Div - Bavarian Club Grinders - Captain Derek Czaban
C Div - Methuen American Legion Mind Games 101 - Captain Steven Bonfim


A Div - Kegler's Den Punishers - Captain Wayne Widtfeldt
B Div - Chelmsford American Legion F - Bombs - Captain Jim Murray
C Div - Nashua Polish American Club Nasty North - Captain Bob Brooking

Dart League in Greater Lowell and Lawrence, Massachusetts

In 2009, Mill City Dart League was founded as a not-for-profit dart league that not only awarded its players with cash prizes but also supported its dart players and surrounding communities, and became known for bringing a 17 game format to the dart community on Monday nights.

In November of 2012, MVDA (Merrimack Valley Dart Association) approached our management team asking us to assume control over the Tuesday night dart league, an 11 game format, in the Greater Lawrence Area. We were happy to step in to continue providing that area with darts, as they were accustomed to. Since then we have also branched out to the Lowell Tuesday darts.

You can find teams in Greater Lowell area- from Lowell, MA to Dracut, MA to Nashua, NH and Greater Lawrence area – from Lawrence, MA to North Andover, MA to Salem, NH and all areas in between!

We have been the innovators in different tournaments and awards for the players of the league. Importantly, Mill City Dart League strives to support our players and our communities, and has done so by donating thousands of dollars over the past years.

A person shooting the arrow towards the dashboard

Mill City Dart League is now FULL Dart Connect!! You will no longer be required to send in match reports or scores, for that matter! Dart Connect will also give us all the individual and team averages for '01s and crickets. Feel Free to contact us with questions.

Learn more about DartConnect.

We pay for you to use DartConnect!! With your email, we can make sure you have access to DartConnect and all that is included during the season! Easy scoring - takes the math out of an 01 game! If one of your teammates is away on business - they can still watch your match on DCTV!

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